Sometimes we forget that the social media world portrays a non realistic view of what real life is always like. Through the internet, you only see the good. You see the perfect outfit, flawless makeup and hair, the best pictures. Let’s be honest…we don’t always have it all together.  Sometimes Jaydin and Kaiya fight during photoshoots and we barely get a good pic, sometimes we just can not get it together because of bad moods, tight ponytails, tired girls…you get the point!

Anyway.. Why do we tell you this? We want you to remember that YOU are beautiful the way you are! Of course the internet is going to show you a perfect view of fashion bloggers, but the truth is we all have insecurities and things we don’t like.  We want you to remember that the world may try to tell you what is beautiful, but we think that everyone deserves to feel beautiful no matter what! We are so inspired by the message Izzy Be clothing promotes. These tees remind all people that EVERYONE IS Beautiful!

Get this Definition of Beautiful top HERE and don’t forget that you are beautiful!


Kaiya’s pants are from Target and Jaydin’s are from H&M