kidpik Fall Boxes

If you have not tried kidpik yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!  We recently received our Fall kidpik boxes and could not be more excited! Each box was full of stylish Fall goodness! The outfits in the boxes were designed specifically for us and we loved the thought and detail that went into every piece.

HOW kidpik WORKS
Getting started is super easy! Just fill out a simple and fun style profile and kidpik will send you 6-7 quality items that you can choose to keep or send back. You can pick and choose or keep them all! Each box averages to about $75 and you can keep all the items for a discount or send them back at no charge. How awesome is that?! You can even choose how often you want to receive a new box.

Want to see us open our Fall kidpik boxes?
Check it out HERE!

We have lots more to share so stay tuned! 


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