Poncho Trend

Ponchos are majorly ON TREND this season. They are a great alternative to a jacket or sweater and are so comfy and chic. We found these at Forever 21. There are so many cute options out there. It’s still fairly warm here in Northern Cali so we liked the thinner fabric style, but if you are looking to stay warm check out some of our faves below.


Get the look:
Panchos: Forever 21 | Grey Jeans: Zara | Striped Jeans: Zara | Black Flats: Zara |
Ballet Flats: Zara | Sparkle Purse: Zara | Backpack: Zara | Chokers: Forever 21

Some of our other favorite Ponchos

1 Target  | 2. Zara | 3. Zara | 4. Gap