Gap Friends and Family Sale TWEENS

Lets talk Gap for tweens for a minute. We feel like sometimes Gap misses the mark on the tween market. Their 0-5 year old line is usually super cute, but as we get older, we don’t really love to run around with animals or giant logos on our clothes.  We find that Old Navy (same company) usually does a better job of staying with the current trends tween girls want.

With that being said, there are some great basics Gap offers that are staples in our wardrobe and sometimes they release items that we really LOVE! You can shop by clicking the pics below or at the bottom on our links!
We compiled our 10 favorite items included in the sale and here is how you can majorly save.

Their Friends and Family Early Access sale starts now and the prices are really hard to beat!  Here is how to save:

1. You must have a GAP/OLD NAVY/BR  card to shop early access.
2. Use code: FF Card for 40% PLUS FREE SHIPPING
3. Use code: Plus 10 to add an extra 10% off.

sale shot
PS: DON’T EVERY PAY FULL PRICE AT GAP OR OLD NAVY. Their collections change every few weeks, so if it’s not on sale at least 40% off we rarely will buy. Just wait a few days and it will go on sale!