Strong Self(ie) Spring Boxes

Our Spring boxes from Strong Selfie arrived and we could not wait to see what was inside. Their boxes inspire girls to be their STRONG self(ie)! How AMAZING is that!

The self(ie) boxes are a seasonal toolkit filled with health(ie) smart(ie) funn(ie) & beaut(ie) products. Our boxes had some super cute clothing pieces as well as other awesome and inspiring items. You can watch us open our boxes HERE!

Kaiya received the Bloom box and Jaydin the Burst box. Kaiya’s box had the cutest ruffle bomber jacket and an awesome natural skincare set. Jaydin’s had the cutest lash curler and gorgeous make-up bag. Those are just a few of our favorite items! Be sure to check out their site to pick the box that is best for you! You can even get $10 off your first box!


These are one of our favorite part of the box. We love to give them to our friends!


These boxes were given to us, but the opinions are all our own!