Girl Party in Habitual

We had a BLAST  including some of our girls on our latest photoshoot with Habitual Girl!  It was really fun to share something with love with our friends as well as bring some fresh new energy to the photoshoot!  We all were rocking Habitual Girl denim and cute tops! These wide leg jeans are seriously our fave right now! they are so trendy and we all felt super stylish!

Wanna meet our friends? Maya is one of Jays besties! They are only a month apart in age and she lives 19 steps from our house! She is such a fun girl and her and Jaydin have the best time together. She is also a hula dancer (among other things!) Brooklyn plays on Kaiya’s soccer team. They are new friends, but are so silly together.  Kaiya loves to hang with B on and off the soccer field! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is so fierce on the soccer field! Kaiya’s ride or die bestie is also in a few of our shots. Her name is Emme and she and Kaiya have been friends since kinder, she lives by us too. These two are the craziest together, but have the sweetest friendship! We hope you enjoyed meeting some of our friends! Be sure to check out Habitual for some amazing Fall styles! We can’t get enough!