Petite ‘n Pretty

We are excited to share with you some new make up geared just for kids, tweens and young teens! We don’t wear much make-up on a day-to-day basis, but love to add just a little sparkle and some color for fun!  Petite ‘n Pretty is the perfect amount of all of those things!

Petite ‘n Pretty says they are here to help young girls lead the sparkle revolution with top-shelf, age-appropriate and pediatrician-approved products made for small features and big imaginations! How amazing is that!  We are OBSESSED with the body and hair glitter and you’ve probably seen us rocking it in our IG Stories lately. We took it to a football game and all our friends wanted some!

We received the back-to-school bundle and love everything! Be sure to get your sparkle on and check out Petite ‘n Pretty! They are such a fun company with some really great products!  We will most definitely be rocking these products all the time and are so greatful to be part of the Sparkle Squad!


You can watch our unboxing video here!