Lounging With KatieJNYC

Loungewear in the tween market is really hard to find…until now. KatieJnyc has filled the gap in cute loungewear for girls 7-16! We have showed you the Jamie Jumper in this post here and here. Today we are sharing these cute Julia Short Sets. They are the softest fabric and absolutely adorable! Be sure to check out KatieJnyc for some really great loungewear! Happy Monday! 2018-10-07_ILCE-7M2_KatieJ_2018-10-07_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC11482018-10-07_ILCE-7M2_KatieJ_2018-10-07_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC11462018-10-07_ILCE-7M2_KatieJ_2018-10-07_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC11242018-10-07_ILCE-7M2_KatieJ_2018-10-07_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC1119