We have been fans of fabkids for a long time. They have some really cute styles that are great prices and best of all, super comfortable. We love these dresses and the shoes are FABULOUS! Jay is wearing the glitter booties and Kai is wearing the black fringe booties. We love that you can wear them with dresses or jeans.

fabkids has new styles every month and with their VIP membership program you can pick what you want (at 40% off) every month or skip and you don’t get charged! How great is that?! Be sure to check them out for some really great tween fashions! 2018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC20812018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC20782018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC20752018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC20772018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC20732018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC20712018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-11-10_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC2068