How To Be A Girl

We have had the privlige of working with author, Julie Martin, who also happens to be an extremely talented photographer. She booked Jaydin for a few Matilda Jane photo shoots and has an amazing personality that just exudes kindness and creativity.  When we found out she co-wrote this book “How To Be a GIRL!: An A to Z Guide for Tweens” we could not wait to read it. 


About the book: “This book educates readers about strong historical and contemporary women of every color, and creates a space for girls to explore their own unique and exceptional attributes…like confidence…. compassion… and tenacity. Along with photographs of strong girls all over the world, young women are presented with thoughtful journaling prompts and challenged with kindness activities and creative community projects.”


The book is full of stories of inspiring women like Oprah Winfrey, Malala, Simone Biles, Anne Frank and so many more. We have loved reading these inspiring stories and answering the questions with each letter of the alphabet. There is also a Journal Sketchbook companion with inspiring quotes, journal pages and activities such as bookmarks and happiness cards to hand out to others. We absolutely adore the stories in this book and truly feel inspired. This book is a PERFECT gift for the tween/teen girl in your life this holiday season.


MOM Truth: Raising young women can be so difficult at times. I find myself wishing I could put J & K in a bubble and save them from the hard parts of life. At 13, I’ve seen Jay have “best friends” who will turn on her at the drop of a hat to hang out with someone “more popular.” Both girls have experienced haters, judging, and un-kind “friends” that could star in the movie “Mean Girls.” It’s easy to want to protect them, but it is much wiser, although more difficult, to arm them with the knowledge of strength, compassion, kindness, braveness, and so much more. A wise person once told me that being different makes you a “thinker.” I LOVE this. This book reminds me of the attributes I’m trying to instill in Jaydin and Kaiya. I want them to grow up to be the kind of girls that possess the qualities outlined in this book. I want them to be able to understand that when people treat them unkind, it says nothing about who they are and everything about the way that person feels about herself. Im buying this book for all of my young nieces this Christmas!