Weekday Casual Looks

Here is a few casual looks we hope you like. We love a cute casual tee with some denim and a fun sneaker. You can find some really unique sneakers from Nina Shoes. Our t-shirts are from Ten Sixty Sherman and we love how soft they are! No outfit is complete with out a great bag. We both are obsessed with OMG Accessories. They have some super fun bags and accessories for teens and tweens. You should definitly check them out as well.

White Sneakers | Maroon sneakers | Jaydin’s Jeans | Kaiya’s Jeans | Pink Backpack |
Pink Fanny Pack | Blue Tee and Yellow No Words Tee (exact links coming soon)|2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_omg2_2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC35872019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_omg2_2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC35692019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_omg2_2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC35812019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_omg2_2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC35352019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_omg2_2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC35412019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_omg2_2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC35252019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_omg2_2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC35332019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_omg2_2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC35092019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_omg2_2019-01-13_ILCE-7M2_untitled__DSC3515



This look:
Vans | Jeans (Old from Nordstrom) | Sweater | Bag