One question we get asked a lot is what our workout routine is. Truth is, we are both super active so it’s not like we go to the gym or have a plan we follow. We do try to get some sort of exercise in daily and some days that is just living room dance parties or walking our dog. We are also required to do PE 2-3 days a week at school so that adds to our our fitness routine.

We both practice soccer with our teams for a 3 hours each week. Usually that consists of two – 1.5 hour training sessions with our coach and soccer sisters. We have both been playing soccer for as long as we can remember and it’s become a definite part of our identity. Not only do we love the sport, but our teams are like family to us and so many life lessons are learned on that field.

Jaydin also plays basketball and soccer with her school during season. This is a great way to learn new skills and decide what she wants to play in high school.

So we are kind of weird and love to run. We run the mile in PE at school and have won awards for being the fastest girls in our grades. If we have time, we usually try to do one outdoor run of 2 miles during the week. This is good for our soccer endurance and helps keep our minds clear.

We also train with a private trainer once a week to focus on soccer technical skills. This helps with our footwork and ball control, and it’s fun!

In addition to those weekly sessions, we both usually play 1-2 soccer games (sometimes more) each weekend.

So there you have it, it’s easy to stay fit when you live an active lifestyle and we love it. It’s also easy if you are wearing cute work out clothes….you know that is true! We love our BEBE Sport gear! You can check out some of our favorite pieces below.

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