“All Dolled Up” With UGLYDOLLS

This post is in partnership with UGLYDOLLS & Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. As always, concept and all content are our own. Post may contain affiliate links.

We love family movie nights and are so excited to share with you one of the cutest animated movies we have seen! UGLYDOLLS!

In the unique town of Uglyville, weird is celebrated and Moxy and her friends go an adventure where they learn to love their differences and embrace that you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing. The message that UGLYDOLLS sends young girls like us, helps remind us to embrace the the things that make us self conscious and instead of hiding them, love them!

We thought maybe sharing some of our own insecurities and how we learned to love them, would be fun! Jaydin has the thickest, curly blonde hair, you have ever seen. There are days she cries because it’s so hard to deal with, looks frizzy, or is just…ginormous! She’s learned different ways to style it, braid it, and what products will “tame it.” It’s part of who she is and she has learned to love her hair and she just wouldn’t be Jaydin without it.  Kaiya has really big feet. She is only 11 and wears a size 9 in women’s. She used to try and buy shoes that were too small for her because she was embarrassed, but she’s learned to love them! And hey, they help her to REALLY kick a soccer ball! She also knows this means she will be tall and that is awesome!

The movie UGLYDOLLS helped us realize that our unique traits are actually part of what makes us who we are and beautiful. We hope you love our “dolled up” looks we came up with for our family movie night with the help of products from Petite N PrettyOrginal Sprout, Hasbro UglyDolls and others. (our pjs are from KatieJNyc)

UGLYDOLLS will be released on Blu-ray on July 30, 2019.  So be sure to get your copy!


Thank you UGLYDOLLS and Universal Pictures for reminding us to embrace what makes us different and to love our selves no matter what!

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